5 Indian Woman Entrepreneurs doing Unconventional Business in 2021

Words by Tavishi Kathuria

The little girl in me would always look upto these Indian Women entrepreneurs who made it big in life, broke all preconceived notions and live to inspire each one of us. Here’s some inspiration for you:

  1. Aditi Gupta : Co Founder of Menstrupedia 

Aditi Gupta with her husband co-founded Menstrupedia- a platform that helps in educating women about menstruation, break myths around it and fight the ‘taboo’ that menstruation is in the Indian Society. 

Aditi belongs to a conservative middle class family and had her own share of uncertainties to begin such a business. To everyone’s disbelief, she now has educated more than 10,00,000 girls in over 14 languages. 

More about Menstrupedia: 

Menstrupedia is a complete guide about periods that is taught in more than 30 schools across India. They also have several free resources available to help break the taboo. With a team of dynamic and passionate people with complementary skills, Menstrupedia aims at delivering informative and entertaining content through different media. Menstrupedia is a small but definitive step to shatter the myths and misunderstandings surrounding menstruation for ages.

2. Richa Kar: Co- founder Zivame

Lingerie shopping in India is awkward and difficult for women because of the conservative sentiments of the Indian society. Richa, with her past experience of working for Victoria’s Secret started her business in stylish, new age lingerie shopping to make it easy for women to shop, try and feel good in their inner wears. 

It was difficult and awkward for her at first to connect with people and make them understand her business, but Zivame now is India’s leading lingerie brand and shop. 

More about Zivame:

Zivame is an online Lingerie shop with over 20,ooo designs from different brands to choose from.It was built to help women buy, try and feel good. 

3. Sairee Chahal: Founder & CEO SHEROES

TED Speaker Sairee Chahal is recipient of many national and international awards. She’s been into business for a long time now and is also the founder of Fleximoms and Newslink. Sairee noticed the insignificant amount of women in the workforce in India, their absence in the corporate field made her come up with SHEROES. The gender gap in industries inspired Sairee to build SHEROES, a platform to help women get jobs, make careers and have independence. 

More About SHEROES

SHEROES is a platform which brings women together to help find jobs, support, opportunities, interactions. SHEROES—Communities for Women, is a safe and trusted space, where members discuss health, careers, relationships, and share their life stories, achievements, and moments. The app also offers a dedicated ask SHEROES helpline where community members can talk to counselors on all aspects of their growth journeys.

4. Chitra Gurgani Dhaga: Founder Thrillophilia

Chitra co-founded Thrillophilia with her husband Abhishek Daga. She is an alumni of the Indian School of Business. She decided to take the plunge without any prior experience in the business because of her passion for it. Her family wasn’t one in business and neither was her husband’s. Together, they decided to follow their dreams in an unconventional way. She was led by her passion for travelling and building other’s dreams. She, therefore, hired professionals with the same energy and passion for an adventure as she does.

More about Thrillophilia:

Thrillophilia is an Indian adventure travel company that curates local experiences for unique and offbeat travel stories. Today, with 3.5 million monthly users, it has become one of the largest online platforms for travel experiences. With an active website, blog and social media Thrillophilia has managed to build up a brand name for itself. They are one of the most well-known travel companies in India.

5.Isha Choudhry: Co-Founder ZoloStays

Isha Choudhry is a co-founder and the Head of Human Resource Department at Zolo. She graduated from St. Xavier’s college. ZoloStay was founded in Bengaluru in 2015. The main aim of the startup was to help students find accommodation with wholesome food.

More about ZoloStays

Zolo Stay helps students find accommodation with food. Today, Zoho Stays has carved its place in the co-living space in India. It has over 600 employees across five cities. 

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